No Ordinary Day

It could so easily be just another day
just another Wednesday
filled with our selfish desires
consumed by our petty differences
wasted in our rush to see the day through

But this is no ordinary day
certainly no ordinary Wednesday
For today we stand reminded of what we truly are
dust and ash
surrounded by death

And suddenly we find that
our desires
our differences
our anticipations
are likewise nothing but dust and ash

We would rather treat this day
as though it made no difference in our lives
like we do nearly every other day

But how can we be honest with ourselves
and thereby be honest with you
if we never admit how terrified we are of death

We are dust and to dust we shall return

But just as today is no ordinary day
you are no ordinary God

So we wait with eager expectation
fearful, but hopeful
we wait

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Break Our Arrogance

Arrogant, God, we are arrogant
thinking we have grasped you
acting as though we know you
pretending as though we could be like you

But in our more honest moments
we know what we really are
formed from dust
lower than angels
cast away from your presence

And we realize that we are arrogant
with very little cause

And in our arrogance
we remember the humility of Christ
the one in very nature God
the one higher than all angels
the one seated at your right hand

Christ, the one who became as we are
dusty, lowly, cast away
so that we might be as he is
like you, higher than angels, in your presence

You, God who ever escapes our grasp
You, God just beyond the reach of our minds
You, God who made us in your image to be formed into your likeness

Break our arrogance
but let our thoughts be of you
Break our arrogance
but let our actions reflect you
Break our arrogance
but let us grow more into your likeness
as we follow the one who was and is like you

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Begin Again With Us

You are the God of beginnings

You were there at the beginning of all things
you spoke and light shone out of darkness
you spoke and the waters were separated
you spoke and the dry land appeared
you spoke and life teemed on the earth
you spoke and we refused to listen

But you are the God of beginnings
and you did not let our false step
take away the goodness of your creation

You give us new beginnings
even when we try so hard
to bring an end to your work

Even though we do not deserve it
begin again with us

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Be Our True Light

The world is a dark place

Indeed you make the sun shine
on both the just and the unjust
but darkness persists

We try as best we can
to live and walk in your light
to lead others to your light
to not let our own darkness prevail

But we must confess that sometimes
we prefer other sources of light instead of you
the light of power
the light of money
the light of success
And all the while we pretend not to know
that such lights will fade

The world is a dark place

But the darkness has not won
The sun follows its course, day after day
reminding us of  your faithfulness

When darkness threatens to overwhelm
When we follow other lights that flicker and fade
Turn your face upon us
and be our true light
so that we may be your lights in a world threatened by darkness

The world is a dark place

But we wait and hope and pray
knowing that  your light will overcome the darkness

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Remind Us

You so often disrupt us
from our plans
from our hopes
from our desires
we forget you are on our side

You so often surprise us
with your words
with your judgments
with your faithfulness
we are not quite sure how to respond

You so often frustrate us
with your mystery
with your indifference
with your absence
we fear that you are no God at all

But you also often remind us:
“I will be their God and they will be my people”
You are on our side
“Follow me”
We know how to respond
“I am with you”
And we know that you are here.

We give you thanks
for your disruptions
for your surprises
even for your frustrations
but mostly for your reminders

Remind us, again and again if necessary
We will try to remember


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I Look for You

I look for you
but I’m afraid I look in all the wrong places
expecting to find you
in books
in journal articles
in my own ability to read a text and write a paper

I look for you
but I’m afraid you cannot be found
by impure eyes
by an unclean heart
by a stubborn mind

I look for you
but I am afraid
that you might not let me find you
of what I might have to give up to find you
that maybe you are not to be found

But I will keep looking

Show me the places where you live
Show me the people who live for you
But do not show me yourself…not yet…
I am afraid I cannot bear it

Just give me the ability to keep looking

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Why the Silence?

Why the silence?
Why can’t you just say something?

I know that I too have been silent
but it’s hard to keep speaking
when I’m not sure you’re listening

But maybe that’s why you’ve been silent
maybe you have spoken, maybe you have shouted
only to have your words fall upon my deaf ears

Forgive my silence
and I will forgive yours
Heal my ears
and speak again
or shout
or scream
or whisper

I am trying to listen

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In Your Light

You are the true light
and you have sent your son
that we may see your light

And yet
we are a people who walk in darkness
mostly by our own choosing of course
but the darnkess is so enticing
and your light is a bit frightening

For in your light
no secret may hid
and no sin may be harbored
no matter how precious it may be to us

Bring us into your light
drag us if you have to
so long as we are there
exposed before you
vulnerable as we are

And let your light transform us
into children of light
that we may be light
to a world full of darnkess

Shine in us, through us, and with us
that all may see you

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Be Our Resting Place

Sovereign Lord
maker of Heaven and Earth
to whom praise, honor and glory are due

Grant that we may seek
and in our seeking find you
For you alone are worthy of the search

Forgive us God
when our eyes fall short of your glory
and rest on things below

Our eyes were made to rest on you
as we were made to rest in you

We are weary
So be our resting place

But how can we rest if we cannot find you?

Grant to us, gracious God, that we may seek
and in our seeking find you

Indeed, you alone are worthy

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Turn Us Back

Forgive us God
when we have lost sight of you

It’s easy to accuse you of turning your face away
as if your righteousness were up for debate
It’s much harder to admit that it is we
who have turned our backs on you

And when we glance back over our shoulders
we find that you are not there
peering over to see what we are doing
You know all too well what we do when our backs are turned

So we pray God
turn us back

And when we turn and find you gone
do not stay gone too long
for we cannot bear your absence

Come back God
and we will try to keep
our shoulders squared firmly in your direction
and our eyes fixed on you
that we may follow

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