You Are Our Salvation

You are our salvation
only, sometimes,
we don’t know we need to be saved

Sure we know you ‘saved’ us
and we are grateful
But really, most of the time,
we seem to get along quite well without your help

we realize that all is not well
we realize that all hope is gone
we realize that you and your salvation
are nowhere to be found

Save us, oh God of our salvation!
Save us from ourselves
Save us from our pride
Save us from our idols
Save us from our concepts of you
Save us!

Oh God
you are our salvation
We wait and hope
knowing that you will come

We pray in the name of your salvation enfleshed

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Make Us Humble

Humility is a hard word for us
with all our accomplishments
with all our goals
with our false sense of superiority

We would certainly have others believe we are humble
so they can think more highly of us
thus even in our humility
we show ourselves to be too proud

There is no room for humility in our lives
filled as they are with other things

But then…
we read about the humility of Christ:
not usurping authority…emptying himself…
taking the form of a servant…humbling himself…
becoming obedient…unto death…even on a cross

We marvel at such humility
and we think of how we could use the power
that comes from being the son of God

Yet again, our pride is misplaced
and we miss the point of Christ’s example

Make us humble, God, whatever it takes
so that we may only be proud in you

We pray in the name of your humility enfleshed

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It’s Been A While

It’s been a while…

I know you’ve been watching me
I’ve kept my eyes out for you too

I’m sorry for the long silence
but I needed some distance
Your presence was too much for me

I thought I needed to make things right
I thought I needed to work some things out
I thought I needed time and space

But as it turns out…all I needed was you

I need you

Thank you for waiting
Thank you for watching
Thank you for calling me back
as you always do

I am yours

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